~Upcoming Events~



SEPT., 24th  from 5-9:30pm

“An Evening of Psychic Readings”

Please Be Advised…

Reader “STACEY” will be filling in for

Regular Castle Reader FAY.

Special Guest Reader of the Month: Laura Wooster

Also Offering:

Mini Reiki ‘Healings While You Wait’ by Laurie Livingstone-Irwin

Sound Balancing with Tuning Forks by Sherryl Comeau of Energy Works Studio

Shopping at the ‘Stone Sisters Boutique’



About Winnekenni Castle
Winnekenni Castle’s 2015 Schedule is always evolving! Click here to read about the happenings as they unfold this season!

CASTLE FLORAL VIEW Aug 2009Winnekenni Castle is situated above Kenoza Lake off of Rte. 110 in Haverhill, MA. This Castle and the park are a hidden jewel popular with residents of the local communities and tourists from all over the country.

The Castle plays host to private parties such as weddings, bridal showers and corporate meetings. Through the summer there are many public performances ranging from Shakespeare, to Blues Jams, a Classic Car Show, and all kinds of fantastic family fun activities.

Please visit us in person after you become familiar with all we have to offer and visit our partner sites across Haverhill to see all of the fantastic things our city has to offer.


Castle Events, Activities and Private Rental Questions?

The Onsite Caretaking Team can be reached at (978) 521-1230 for a wealth of General Information, Pre-Rental Site Visits, The Castle’s ‘Schedule-of-the-Day,’ Questions regarding upcoming Public or Private Events, and of course for any Emergent Circumstances involving the Castle, its’ adjunct buildings or the upper grounds.